My Favorite Amazon Buys

Welcome back to my blog. Today, I wanted to list nine of my favorite Amazon buys, some you might have already seen in my previous posts.
I think a few of us can relate to being slightly a bit obsessed with spending money on Amazon. Keep reading, and you will see some of my favorite amazon buys with the links listed.

1. Selfie ring light: For those who enjoy taking pictures, we can all agree that sometimes the lighting does not cooperate. Well, this selfie phone ring light can save the day.

LEMONADE Sipping, Hair Flipping, Eyebrow Icon, and all around ...


2. Whether you go to the salon or not, it is beneficial to have excellent quality professional hair cutting scissors at home. I do not always want to go to the hair salon to get my hair trimmed. I usually like to do it myself. It is crucial to have excellent quality scissors made to cut hair, so you do not do more damage if your hair needs a trim. So I ordered this set on amazon

5 Ways to Get Your Strongest Curls Ever - CurlMix

3. I have 4c type hair; there was a time when my hair kept getting knotted ( because I needed a trim). I’m just grateful to have found this product here when I tell you that this curly magic curl stimulator saved me from cutting most of my knotted ends out of frustration. And it also makes your curls look even more beautiful.


Top 15 Problems Girls with Natural Hair Face (With images) | Black ...

4. These badge holders are so cute. and they come in three colors

5. One of my favorite Youtuber posted about these soaps, and I ordered them for myself, these soaps are Organic. They are not harsh on the skin, and they smell good. They are all made with natural vegan & plant-based ingredients and sustainable palm oil.

Plant GIFs | Tenor

6. Here are some of my favorite bathing suit cover-ups for those who are planning to be at the beach or poolside ( once it’s safe to do so). I ordered them, and they look exactly like the picture and great for the summer.

Tyra Tyra Banks GIF - Tyra TyraBanks Sexy - Discover & Share GIFs

7. for those who own an apple watch, sometimes it’s nice to switch up the watch bands. If you are looking for something stylish and less bulky, this watch band is a good option.

8. I was looking for a cute photo album to keep some of my photos, and I found this photo album on Amazon. This photo album is lovely and good quality.

9. This home weight scale here is not a recent buy for me. I bought it four or five years ago. It works with batteries and I think it’s great to have. Unfortunately, this product is not available at the moment, so I placed a similar one below.

Found on | Funny memes, Memes, Funny

This is the end of my amazon favorites . Click on the link if you’re interested in purchasing some of the items for yourself . Follow this blog so you can keep up with what I post.

How Black Women Made GIFs Into a Language of Self-Expression - VICE

*photos not owned by me*

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