Proverbs-words of Wisdom (from the bible)

When I need advice, directions, life lessons, or just a quiet evening with a book, one of my favorite books to read is the Bible. The Bible is real; all the stories are real, the people are real. I use the Bible as a life manual for guidance, healthy living and lifestyle, character building, and one of the ways for God to speak to me.

I want to focus today on listing some of my favorite proverbs from the bible.

  1. “Trust in the Lord with all of your heart, and lean not on your own understanding”. Proverbs 3:6.
  2. “Do not be wise in your own eyes: Fear the Lord and Depart from evil. It will be health to your flesh, and strength to your bones”. Proverbs 3:7-8
  3. “My son, do not despise the chastening of the Lord, Nor detest His Correction: for whom the Lord Loves he corrects, Just as a father the son in whom he delights”. Proverbs 3:11-12
  4. “Go to the ant, You sluggard! consider her ways and be wise, which having no captain, overseer or ruler, provides supplies in the summer, And gathers her food in the harvest. How long will you slumber, O sluggard? when will you rise from your sleep? a little sleep, a little slumber, A little folding of the hands to sleep- so shall poverty come on a you like prowler, and you need like an armed man”. Proverbs 5:6-11

5. “The fear of the Lord is to hate evil, Pride and arrogance and the evil way, and the perverce mouth I hate”. Proverbs 7:13

6. “Where there is no counsel, the people fall; but in the multitude of counselors, there is safety.” Proverbs 11:14

7. “When pride comes, then comes shame; but with the humble is wisdom.” Proverbs 11:2

8. “Whoever loves instructions loves knowledge. But he who hates correction is stupid”. Proverbs 12:1

9. “A wrathful man stirs up strife. but he who is slow to anger allays contention”. Proverbs 15:19.

10. “Whoever guards his mouth
and tongue keeps his soul from trouble”.
Proverbs 21:23

Every day we should aim higher. Every day we should strive to be better than the day before, not just in our careers but for our character-forming. The hardest battle for me is the battle against self. And to beat bad habits and character flaws, we need to fight daily, in prayer and reading His word, the Bible.

Feel free to comment on your favorite words of wisdom below!

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